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Welcome to MILEHIGH Scale Models and Projects.


I thought I would mess around with this website thing again as winter is upon us and I'd rather be inside then outside. This page is just a place I can let friends and family keep an eye on my projects. I used to put models together when I was younger, but that all was put aside when I got my first real car at 16. I remember doing one after that, maybe in my early 20's but again the hobby was set aside. After 25 years of rest I thought I would pick up the hobby again. I recently bought a '77 Trans Am "Bandit" model by Revell and some little jars of paint and went at it. I soon remembered why I enjoyed it in the past. After I had it put together I bought a case to display it in, wow, that's not too bad I thought, it looked pretty good. Now what?

One day while checking Facebook I seen a flyer for a model car show just a few blocks from my apartment. What could it hurt, I thought my model looked pretty good, lets see what others thought of it. They had some give-a-ways, it might be worth the five dollars to enter my car for the chance to win something. I showed up early and set my model down on the registration table and filled up my card. "Nice Job" I heard from guy taking the money, at least he didn't laugh, this might be fun. I found a spot on the table and pulled my Trans Am out of the case and set it down away from the other models as I soon relized I was pretty out classed. These other models looked like they were built by professionals...
To make a long story short, I proudly went home with a little framed award. I recieved an award for "Best Paint in Stock". Box Stock class was for models built to the manufactures design. Nothing fancy, just a clean build. As 95% of the models entered were wild custom builds, I think I won be default. I didn't care. I recieved alot of compliments, other people them me thought it looked good too. I have to do another one, but now I know what I'm up against.

If you would like to have your model shown here, drop me a line. Tips and Hints are also welcome. Just click on the "Contact Us" link and let me know what you would like to share. I will post items people have for sale, although I'd like to stay local I am open to all. If you have your own page and want a link, let me know.